Why do I want to be part of your company?

I like learning, working on new ideas, solving problems. I think that my skills and qualities in software engineering as well as my personal qualities will be very useful for the company.

My strengths:

  • I learn fast
  • I work alone or in a team
  • I am an excellent developer
  • I am curious, courageous and motivated

My Services

What i do

I am willing to work on ambitious projects. I listen to the customer and transform his ideas into a software solution. I put my skills as a developer at the service of my community by sharing them with others. I am ambitious to build systems that solve the problems of my generation.

Web design

I create modern websites and applications.

Mobile Apps

I create mobile basically applications using technologies like javascript, cordova and Ionic(Angular)

Web Marketing

With basic digital marketing skills, I can promote a product.


Thanks to my software engineering degree, I can adapt to any development project and work on it

web development

For development projects, I mainly use technologies like Symfony, Javascript, Mysql, Docker, Git, etc.


I write for myself and for friends who want to develop a business idea. And I also do it for fun and to develop my critical thinking skills

Apps development

I learned to code for mobile based on web technologies (Javascript, angular) using cordova


I'am available for freelance projects.

Let's work together indeed!

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